About Vie.

The concept of Vie was conceived by owner/chef, Beau Breedlove, as a place for people to gather, dine, and enjoy the pace of a foregone era of class and sophistication. The interior of the restaurant was created using pieces from Breedlove's antique and art collection, with an objective of allowing the space to feel timeless.

Vie's Dinning Experience

At Vie, attention is given equally to the menu and dining experience, as well as service, ambiance, and personal interaction. You will not be rushed through your meal, or seated in a noisy bar. Here you are encouraged to linger and have a truly unique and beautiful experience. Most often, owner/chef Beau Breedlove will be the only attendant. Seeing to serving you, cooking your meal, and tending all other duties. Hence, the restaurant only seats 12-14 guests, with reservations encouraged.

Vie doesn't seek to be the trendsetter, the next best thing, or the popular choice of the moment. Instead, Vie is here to provide a gathering place for people to join and create memories.

Dinner Couple at Vie